Educational Council on Indic Traditions

The Infinity Foundation is pleased to announce its bestowal of a start-up grant in support of the establishment of the Educational Council on Indic Traditions.

Mission Statement:

The modern world is multi-polar, multi-cultural and pluralistic. This is not just a reference to the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the retreat of Communism but also a pointer to the end of colonialism, imperialism, traditionalism, and other “isms”. At the end of the twentieth century and at the dawn of the twenty-first century human beings seem to be standing on familiar shores but looking towards a horizon that is changing or has already changed. The changing horizons are cultural, societal, spiritual, political, and scientific/technological. As the six billion plus people in the world struggle to comprehend these changes, and as they begin to acquire new skills and attitudes in dealing with each other, as individuals, as members of groups, and as citizens of diverse nations and cultures, there are opportunities for academic, political, and religious institutions and leaders to act in good faith to bring about a new cultural renaissance. What would American society be like if future generations are able to bring down old barriers, transcend their immediate, limited cultural vision and experiences, and learn to honor the contributions of all cultures? The future of humanity rests on the recognition that the world’s civilizations have developed through a cross-fertilization of ideas and because of the recorded and unrecorded interaction of peoples over millennia. A healthy and vibrant future for the world is also dependent on the recognition that temporary hegemonies achieved by groups have not been due to any innate superiority of any group.