Kerala Seminar – Psychology in India: Past, Present and Future

Event sponsored by the Infinity Foundation, NJ, USA

Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Fatima Mata National College, Kollam, Kerala
12th Annual Conference of National Academy of Psychology

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Infinity Foundation Sponsored Papers:

  • Peter Fenner, PhD
    Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy
  • Sangeetha Menon, PhD
    Binding Experiences: Looking at the Contributions of Adi Sankaracarya, Tuncettu Ezuttacchan and Sri Narayana Guru in the Context of Recent Discussions on Consciousness Studies

Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Fatima Mata National College, Kollam, Kerala
12th Annual Conference of National Academy of Psychology

Conference Status Reports:

Report from Matthijs Cornelissen

Report from Sangeetha Menon, PhD

Organisation of the Conference:

Convener: Prof. G. Henry, Principal, FMN College

Joint Convener: Dr. V. George Mathew, Professor & Head, Dept. of Psychology, University of Kerala

Convener, NAOP: Dr. Anand Prakash, University of Delhi

Conference conductor: Dr. Matthijs Cornelissen, Sri Aurobindo Asram, Pondicherry Conference Secretary: Fr. Dr. Jose Puthenveed, Head, Dept. of Psychology, FMN College, Kollam, Kerala – 691 001

All six heads of Departments of Psychology in Kerala University are members in the Organising Committee. There is one member from USA (Dr.Stuart Sovatsky) and another from Bangalore (Dr. Sangeetha Menon).

Prof. Janak Pandey, Director, GB Pant Institute of Social Sciences, Allahabad is the conference President.

Email: Tel: 0474 749614 (Secretary) 0474 743387 (College) 0474 530145 (Animation Centre)


Formerly called Quilon in English, Kollam is a historical port town, recently declared a city.

It is a tourist spot, with a large spread-out lake having eight branches. Kollam is about 70 kilometres north of Thiruvananthapuram, (Trivandrum) the state capital, along the national highway. Kollam is a major Railway station en route to Thiruvananthapuram.


The inaugural and valedictory sessions will be held in the auditorium of the FMN College, close to the Kollam Railway station. All other sessions as well as accommodation will be at the Christu Jyothis Animation Centre, at Kottiyam, 11 kilometres south of Kollam. The NAOP General Body Meeting will Be aboard the boat Astamudi.


October 22:
11 A.M. Inauguration

2 P.M. Symposium on Traditional (Ancient) Indian Psychology

October 23:
9 A.M. Status of Psychology in India Today – Issues & Problems (Evaluation of Overall achievements in different areas of Psychology in comparison with Traditional concepts and approaches in these areas)

2 P.M. Strategies for Professionalisation of Psychology, incorporating Ancient Oriental Wisdom to solve present day problems, integrating Indian Psychology with modern Western Psychology.

5 P.M. NAOP General Body Meeting

October 24:
9 A.M. Psychology for National Development: Application of a truly indigenous, Meaningful Psychology capable of understanding Psychology of Indians to solve Current problems associated with globalisation, privatisation, liberalization, Gender issues, minorities, etc.

2 P.M. Valedictory session


Papers on the above themes may be sent to Fr. Dr. Jose Puthen Veed, Conference Secretary, Dept. of Psychology, FMN College, Kollam, Kerala – 691 001 on or before 30th September. Those who desire to get their full papers printed in the souvenir should send the same before this date, preferrably by e-mail.
Conference Highlights:

The conference marks a change in conference culture in India, combining Eastern Wisdom and depth with Western exactness and precision. Every session will begin with Bhajans and meditation.

There will be some invited lectures in all sessions. Every paper presentation will be timed according to a Previous schedule, the time allotted depending on closeness to the conference theme: Integration of Traditional Indian Psychology with Modern Western type of Psychology. There will be Durganand Sinha awards to students presenting best papers. At least three experts in the field of Psychology of Consciousness/Transpersonal Psychology from USA will be delivering invited lectures. There will be a cultural program on 22nd evening, consisting of traditional Kerala arts.