Institute of Holistic Health/Saraswati Mandiram, Inc.

This grant was provided in support of the Institute of Holistic Health’s Green Pastures International School. The purpose of this school is to provide education for the young that prepares them for the challenges and demands of the 21st Century when they must function as global citizens, comfortable in both the East and the West, adapt both in the arena of science and technology on the one hand and humanities on the other, responsive to the heritage of their culture and molders of the future, and mindful of their individual responsibility and sensitive to the needs of others. Such an education must be grounded in the development of their physical, intellectual, and spiritual self. This school was established to create an educational environment where our children’s capabilities are nurtured and developed to their full potential. One which is responsive to the needs of our children, the future of our society. This school will be a model for other schools in patterns of instruction, modes of organization, and levels of children’s achievement. This school will be a training ground for future leaders of our society.