Sunthar Visuvalingham, PhD – Abhinavagupta and the Synthesis of Indian Culture

Infinity Foundation sponsored new book project titled:
Abhinavagupta and the Synthesis of Indian Culture

This international online collaborative publishing project, under the direction of Dr. Sunthar Visuvalingam (‘Scholar’), aims to disseminate in the English language the work and thought of Abhinavagupta, the 11th century Hindu mystic, philosopher, musicologist, aesthetician, critic and commentator to a world-wide audience of scholars in the humanities, scientists, and educated laymen. Essays presenting, analyzing, critiquing and clarifying Abhinava’s work will be edited and posted online to serve as the basis for continuing discussion in related egroups of its significance to post-modern thought. Though comprising mostly of studies by trained Indologists, the ultimate aim is to explore the internal coherence of Abhinava’s worldview and establish its interconnectedness with the surrounding Indian culture. By extracting the essential concepts from the historical idiosyncrasies of the Indian context, the surrounding discussion should help make his insights further accessible directly to contemporary scientists, philosophers, artists, spiritual seekers, students of comparative religion and an educated lay public, who might otherwise be not interested in Indian traditions and culture per se. It’s also hoped that this online co-production will provide a self-questioning mirror to modern Indians intent on rediscovering, understanding and appreciating their own heritage.

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