The Rescue Mission of Trenton

This grant was given in support of The Rescue Mission of Trenton’s program, “Providing Home and Hope � Building Futures” fundraising campaign. The Rescue Mission of Trenton, founded in 1915, is a private non-profit corporation that provides shelter and social services to the homeless, the hungry, the transient, and the addicted. The purpose of the Rescue Mission is to serve the truly needy who have no place to turn for shelter, food, and clothing and to create an environment where each can live with dignity, build self-esteem, and experience love, responsibility, and hope. The Rescue Mission requires that their clients participate along with the organization’s staff in the effort to improve their circumstances, lead more productive lives, and reach their greatest potentials.

The Rescue Mission runs two residential programs, several emergency services programs for the hungry and homeless, an education and training program, and an industrial salvage operation that includes a large warehouse and three thrift stores