Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center

This grant was given to the The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC) to support the scanning of several Tibetan texts concerning the history of India. The TBRC is dedicated to the digital preservation of Tibetan texts and has one of the largest private collections of Tibetan literature anywhere in the world. In order to make this material available, we offer the following services:

  • Web-based database of Tibetan books, people, and history.
  • Digital image repository: We are gradually scanning our entire collection into digital format. This image repository will take two forms:
  • Browsable website archive: Low-resolution versions of these image files are being placed here on the website. They are searchable via the database.
  • PDF archive: We maintain higher-resolution copies of these image files on our local server. Since these files are too large for easy browsing on the internet, we will, at your request, turn them into PDF files and either send them to you on CD, or place them on our Internet server for you to download.

Information resource: If you have specific questions relating to Tibetan history or scholarship, you are invited to contact us via email: info@tbrc.org.